How to make a free landing page with free autoresponder

You Must See This…

For anyone who has tried to make money online I am sure you have heard the saying the Gold is in the list, email list that is.

Its difficult to make consistent money on Clickbank or any other network when first starting out.

You must have a way to make a landing page or sometimes called a squeeze page and you will also need an autoresponder to collect peoples email addresses.

For most people starting out both of these can be some what expensive.

In the video SoloPreneur Warrior will go over how you can use a free Autoresponder service called Mailchimp to get started, they also have a landing page creator built in also. Mailchimp Is free until you have 2000 email subscribers. Once you get 2000 subscribers you should be making some decent money online by then so you will have the money to pay for an Autoresponder service then.

The importance of collecting email’s is that it gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with your subscribers it gives them an opportunity to get to know you, like and trust you. And eventually purchase from you.


A landing page is a stand alone page used to capture a persons email address
so that you can build a relationship and mail to them daily, promotions
reviews. training and free gifts etc…


An Autoresponder is a software you use to collect and store email address’s so that you can email them in the future. This is a Must have if you are serious about making really good money online.

I am not going to walk you thru every step you need to set up a landing page and Autoresponder this is thoroughly covered in the video above.


A great place to find ideas on what you want your landing page to say or look like, you can go to Youtube and type in the search bar something like “landing page ideas” There you will find a lot of good ideas. I have found that the simplest landing pages work the best.

I suggest you sign up and go thru their funnel so that you will
have an idea on how to set up your landing page and funnel

I also suggest to not collect the persons name only ask for their
email address. because if you ask for their name a lot of time you will have a lot
lower op-tin rate.

once your landing page is all set up send all of your traffic to that page only
focus your traffic.

In the video its stated that a lot of places do not like Mailchimp links, but you can use a link shortner like to shorten your links then you will be ok

Now go set up a landing page and Autoresponder and start collecting those email address’s and start making some money.